Charles Stratford

Charles Stratford is a correspondent with Al Jazeera English. He has covered politics and conflicts in various countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Palestinian Occupied Territories.

Middle East

Mosul: Iraqi teams find bodies under rubble

Iraqi civil defence teams have started pulling bodies from the rubble in Mosul.

Middle East

UN prepares Iraq's displaced children to return to school

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children could not attend school for three years while the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group controlled the province of Mosul and other areas around it.

Middle East

Life after ISIL: Mosul musicians emerge from the shadows

Musicians who lived under ISIL rule had to keep their profession a secret or face severe punishment. But now they have begun to perform again.

Middle East

Mosul residents face challenges upon returning home

At least 700,000 civilians have been displaced by the Mosul conflict.

Middle East

Kurdish independence vote causes concern in Iraq

With ISIL defeated by government forces in northern Iraq, the question of Kurdish independence could pose a new problem.

Middle East

Mosul refugees return home through new bridge after conflict

Displaced Mosul residents are returning home with the help of a temporary bridge built by the Iraqi government.

Middle East

Iraqi prison hopes to reform ISIL recruits

More than 250 ISIL recruits are being held in a prison in the northern Kurdish region of northern Iraq.

Middle East

Mosul refugees suffer from summer heatwave

Heatstroke, hypertension and dehydration are the new threats facing refugees who fled the Iraqi city.

Middle East

Iraq struggles to treat Mosul casualties as ISIL hunt goes on

Those wounded from the end of the nine-month battle are being treated in makeshift field clinics. And some families are returning home after living in refugee camps for months.

Middle East

Battle for Mosul: Concerns over post-ISIL sectarianism

The Iraqi government says it has won the battle for Mosul, ISIL's stronghold since 2014.

Middle East

Despite victory over ISIL, sporadic fighting continues in Mosul

Sporadic fighting is continuing in Mosul, a day after Iraq's prime minister declared total victory over ISIL.


Sri Lankans traumatised by deadly floods, mudslides

Sri Lankans are struggling to deal with the aftermath of deadly floods and mudslides, as humanitarian efforts were under way. Troops are delivering aid supplies to half a million people displaced by floodwater.