Charlene Anne

Middle East

The orphans of Yemen's war

Air strikes, disease and lack of medicine have caused a high death toll, leaving many young Yemenis without parents.

War & Conflict

Syrians in Yemen: 'Back to square one'

Syrian refugees in war-torn Yemen have been catapulted into the same type of conflict they were fleeing.

War & Conflict

Yemen: 'Corpses are lying in the streets'

After more than a week of Saudi-led air strikes, the country is heading towards a major humanitarian crisis.

War & Conflict

Yemen's children: 'When can I go out and play again?'

Young children are being traumatised by the conflict in their country, experts say, as air strikes continue.

War & Conflict

Yemen: 'I hope we will not turn into another Syria'

Fearful their homes may be hit, scores of residents have been leaving the capital for surrounding villages.

Middle East

US drone strikes resume in Yemen despite power vacuum

Yemen's government falls, US strikes continue but with whose approval?


Deeper chaos ahead for Yemen

Protesters wanted a Yemen without warring factions, poverty and corruption. Now this seems like a distant dream.

War & Conflict

Yemen's language institute shut over unrest

The closure of schools and universities due to political unrest has negatively affected the economy in Yemen.