Changiz M Varzi


The complex story of Polish refugees in Iran

Thousands of Poles sought shelter in Iran during World War II, but today Poland has slammed the door on refugees.

Middle East

A legacy of war in Beirut's unknown mass graves

Country is not ready for an open discussion about civil-war-era graves believed to lie throughout Beirut, critics say.

Middle East

Syrian refugees: A permanently temporary life

Syrians in Lebanon hoped to return home within months, but more than five years later Syria's war is still raging.

Middle East

Of war and coffee in Lebanon

Ten years after the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war, coffee vendors reflect on how decades of turmoil have affected their lives.

Middle East

Iranian female duo gives a voice to ethnic minorities

Naqsh Duo is a musical project that aims to bring Iran's forgotten ethnic musical voices into the international scene.

Middle East

Puppet show casts spotlight on refugee crisis

Palestinian artist Mahmoud Hourani's silent play aims to discover why refugees are risking everything to reach Europe.

Middle East

A trip back in time on Lebanon's disappearing railway

Lebanon's 408km of railway once connected the country to its neighbours, but today the train stations stand abandoned.