Chandrahas Choudhury

Chandrahas Choudhury is a novelist and columnist based in New Delhi. His work on Indian politics appears regularly on Bloomberg View and in The Caravan.

International Women's Day

Vidhya Das: Fighting for poor women in India

From educating girls to empowering their mothers, Vidhya Das has spent decades defending the rights of scheduled tribes.


New hope for India's gay-rights movement

Support for gay rights is no longer a niche demand restricted to those with a personal interest in the matter.


The chronicler of Indian food

For 40 years, food historian Pushpesh Pant has popularised ancient Indian food culture and inspired contemporary chefs.


A star-studded protest in India

New climate of Hindu-nationalist hysteria jeopardises freedom of arts and distorts ideals of Indian democracy.


Modi's new India emerges

The prime minister's links to a conservative order are at odds with his vision.


Affirmative action for all in India

Many of the societal disabilities are rooted in the ancient hierarchical structures and prejudices of the caste system.

Arts & Culture

Charles Correa and India's smart city

Remembering India's visionary architect and his legacy - a blueprint of inclusivity for Modi's planned smart cities.


Online Republic of Modi

It's the persona that draws in most of his followers, not the office or the party.

Poverty & Development

Everybody loves a good death in India

Can the direction of India's agricultural and land-use policy be swayed by the suicide of one farmer?