Chaitra Arjunpuri


Cowboys and Indians

Killing cows is illegal in most of India, but rustlers still round up cattle for slaughter.


Mumbai proposes mannequin ban to 'save women'

Civic body mulls banning display of half-clad mannequins in lingerie shops in an attempt to cut sexual assaults.

Latin America

India faces epidemic of missing children

About 60,000 children go missing every year in populous nation, and child activists say many end up in sex trade.

US & Canada

India's growing 'rent-a-womb' industry

Lower costs have made the country a top destination for childless couples looking for surrogate mothers.

Human Rights

'Honour killings' bring dishonour to India

The public beheading of a woman by her brother in Kolkata highlights a surge in so-called 'honour killings'.


Bus attack highlights India's rape epidemic

A brutal assault in New Delhi has led to public outrage and calls for tougher sentences for rapists.


Echoes of the past ring true in sound museum

The online Museum for Endangered Sounds stores long-forgotten gadget-based audio for today's networked generation.


Celibate Indian priests turn matchmakers

Matrimonial website run by Catholic priests gains popularity in Kerala, helping Christians to find partners.

Business & Economy

All-veg McDonald's eyes India's holy sites

Fast-food giant is opening its first-ever, all-vegetarian restaurants in India, but could stoke a religious backlash.


'Hitler' shop sends India shockwave

A new store called 'Hitler' raises fears that right-wing ideology could be finding takers in the land of Gandhi.


Drought wreaks havoc on Indian farmers

A punishing drought in western India is hurting livestock farmers as the region experiences water shortages.


Women brave IVF complications for children

Women continue to use In Vitro Fertisilation to conceive, despite increasing evidence of dangerous side effects.