Cathy Otten

War & Conflict

ISIL ex-prisoners: 'We were in a queue to be killed'

Men freed from an ISIL jail in northern Iraq recall beatings, electric shocks and summary executions.

War & Conflict

Meet the fighters preparing to retake Mosul from ISIL

A newly formed force, National Mobilisation Unit, will support the Iraqi army during the offensive on Mosul.

War & Conflict

Yazidi mass graves: 'Those who did this are not human'

As Kurdish forces reclaim Yazidi towns from ISIL, newly discovered mass graves are revealing the scope of devastation.

Humanitarian crises

Yazidis released by ISIL seek religious cleansing

Hundreds of Yazidis have gathered in Iraq's holy centre of Lalish, struggling to recover after months in captivity.

Humanitarian crises

Traumatised by ISIL, Yazidis seek help

The strong sense of community among Yazidis brings them through the trauma of war.

War & Conflict

Islamic State lays siege to Iraqi Turkmen

Residents of Amerli say they are running out of water and food supplies, as the UN warns of a 'desperate' situation.

Human Rights

Last remaining Christians flee Iraq's Mosul

The Islamic State group's ultimatum to Mosul Christians has been condemned by Iraq's religious scholars.

Middle East

Uncertainty as Iraq election results revealed

Negotiations begin to set up coalition government, while PM Maliki's future remains uncertain despite big election win.