Catherine Wambua-Soi

"Catherine Wambua-Soi is Al Jazeera's East and Central Africa producer. She covers Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, DR Congo, Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti, Central African Republic, Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda. She has worked for Al Jazeera since 2008 and covered major stories in the region including Somalia's elections and the recent assasination bid of the Somali president. She has covered the ongoing conflict between M23 rebels and the government in Eastern Democratic republic of Congo as well as South Sudan's independence and the conflict between rebels and the government in Sudan's Blue Nile region."


North Kivu: Civilians bear the brunt of fresh fighting

Civilians have been forced to flee their homes, adding to the tens of thousands already living in IDP camps.


Gabon election: Jean Ping pleads with judges over vote

Opposition leader Ping says judges must choose between stability and instability when weighing call to nullify result.

Human Rights

African Union peacekeepers accused of executions in CAR

Bodies of 12 people, including a pregnant woman, found more than a year after their disappearance in Boali town.

Central African Republic

UN: Dealing with rape in Central African Republic

As UN debates for its new secretary general, sex assault by peacekeepers in CAR must be eradicated once and for all.

South Sudan

Q&A: The future peace in South Sudan

Al Jazeera speaks to opposition leader Riek Machar about ongoing efforts towards forming a national unity government.


Compromise needed in Kenya teachers' pay dispute

With millions of children out of school, compromise and not chest thumping is badly needed.

War & Conflict

South Sudan: Will fresh talks bring peace?

On July 9 country marks independence day, but millions of people who suffered from conflict will not be celebrating.

Humanitarian crises

Blog: Desperate measures for African migrants

People across the continent are risking death through conflict and dangerous boat journeys to escape poverty at home.


Sudan polls: Voters conspicuous by their absence

First day of voting ends with low turnout, but that is not expected to get in the way of President Bashir.


Garissa: What has changed since Westgate?

More action will be required in Kenya if the war against al-Shabab is to be won, say analysts.


Robert Mugabe: A man of contrasts

As Zimbabwe's president marks his 91st birthday, our correspondent looks at a man both hated and loved around the world.

Poverty & Development

The African Union we want

Fifty-four-nation bloc requires resources, leadership and pragmatism to meet challenges it faces.