Cath Turner

Cath Turner is a reporter based in New York City


Examining mental health in Haiti

Four years since the devastating earthquake, emotional and psychological damage inflicted on Haitians goes ignored.


Covering the 'last great race on earth'

Alaska's Iditarod race, one of the most grueling sporting events in the world, is not just for the dogs.


Uganda team debuts in US baseball tournament

Teenage baseball players win the hearts of US fans as they make their debut in Little League Baseball World Series.


Shock therapy under the scanner

A special-needs school in the US is under fire for its treatment of students with severe behavioural problems.


Vermont feels Irene's continuing ire

Together, leaves, snow and weddings generated $829 million dollars for the state in 2009. The tourism industry pumps reliable money into the state’s economy. Tropical Storm Irene, however, has the potential to put a rather big dent in that number.

Business & Economy

US town in recession fight-back

Business and community leaders are equipping locals to adapt to changing economic times.

Business & Economy

US town puffed out by recession

Economic downturn threatens to extinguish a once flourishing tobacco factory town.