C J Polychroniou

C J Polychroniou is a political economist/political scientist who has taught and worked for many years in universities and research centres in Europe and the United States.


America's flawed democracy

There is nothing in the constitution that grants American voters the right to choose their president.

Business & Economy

Towards a new economic system for the 21st century

The new economic system should be based on localised forms of industry, finance and participatory democracy.

Business & Economy

After Brexit, there will be no Grexit

Following Brexit, talk of a Greek exit is nothing more than media sensationalism.

Business & Economy

Syriza's betrayal and the selling of a nation

The only thing missing outside the office of Greece's privatisation agency is a sign that reads "A Nation for Sale".

Business & Economy

Rebuilding the EU or breaking free from it?

The powers that be continue to defend ferociously a Frankenstein-like creation, a playground for financial vultures.

Human Rights

Panama Papers: Why should we care?

The Panama Papers leak shows that it is not just the global tax system that is broken, but global governance itself.


The unbearable lightness of Greek democracy

Greeks have abandoned all hope that their political leaders have the skills to rescue the nation's economy.


Whatever happened to critical intellectuals?

Neoliberalism combined with the disappearance of critical intellectuals spell a bleak future for Western democracy.

Human Rights

Refugee crisis exposes massive flaws in EU governance

A solution to Europe's refugee crisis also requires an active foreign policy on the part of the EU.


European Monetary Union: What manner of a union?

The eurozone is fit only for strong and highly competitive economies, not for the likes of Greece, Portugal and Spain.


Greek austerity is dead, long live austerity

Greek politicians have a long history of saying one thing and doing something else.


Syriza's lies and empty promises

The ugly truth is that Greece is in a real mess and even debt restructuring will not get its economy going again.