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Humanitarian crises

Struggling amid the ruins a month after Nepal quake

Millions of Nepalis are working hard to rebuild ahead of monsoon, following major earthquake and subsequent aftershocks.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: Learning to forgive in DRC

Lessons on forgiveness by religious leaders helping Central African Republic refugees in Democratic Republic of Congo.

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CAR refugees' 'Most Important Things'

Central African refugees have been crossing into DR Congo carrying only their most-treasured items.

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In pictures: Nepal returns to the polls

Nepal's election was marked by heavy security and high turnout.

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Mali refugees' 'Most Important Things'

Documenting refugees and their most-cherished items taken with them when they fled their homes.

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Fleeing Syria for their lives

Al Jazeera showcases the most important object that the refugees fled with, on a day their numbers touched one million.