Brenda Stoter


The Yazidi men left behind: 'ISIL destroyed us'

Yazidi men whose wives and children were abducted by ISIL are struggling to cope with the uncertainty of their fates.

Human Rights

Netherlands mosque attacks and rising Islamophobia

Religious and ethnic minorities feel the consequences of growing intolerance as mosques and asylum centres are targeted.

Syria's Civil War

Dutch Muslims concerned by mosque attacks

Dutch citizens joining ISIL and far-right rhetoric are cited as factors fueling assaults on Muslim houses of worship.


Dutch far-right fall out of favour

Anti-Moroccan comments made by Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders spark defections, outrage and mass protests.


Syrians describe brutal prison torture

Amnesty International says government forces are responsible for "a shocking catalogue of abuses" in secret jails.


Syrian refugees embark on exodus from Egypt

Facing a worsening atmosphere in Egypt, many Syrians are setting off on an uncertain voyage to Europe.


Teenage Syrian refugees wed 'for protection'

Girls as young as 14 are being married off, fearing attacks in the world's second-largest refugee camp.


Blast from the past for Egyptian dissidents

Mass arrests and jail without charge hark back to Hosni Mubarak's rule, protesters say.


Kurds flee for Iraq as Syria war slogs on

About 50,000 Syrians, mostly Kurds, have fled to the Domiz camp in northern Iraq as violence rages at home.


PKK mothers want to be reunited with children

As the Kurdistan Workers' Party withdraws its fighters from Turkey, relatives hope to be reunited with their loved ones.