Betwa Sharma


Q&A: BJP candidate vows to 'rebuild Kashmir'

Hina Bhat is running for elections in Indian-administered region with party linked to Hindu nationalist ideology.


No justice 30 years after Sikh slaughter

Successive governments in India have failed to prosecute those responsible for killings of about 3,000 people in 1984.


Villagers bear brunt of Kashmir shelling

Cross-border clashes between India and Pakistan in the disputed region disrupts lives and forces thousands to flee.


India sends mixed signals on climate change

Experts said Modi's presence at UN summit could have changed India's image as an obstructionist in climate talks.


Justice eludes Indian rape victims

Many Muslim women have waited a year for attackers to be investigated after deadly religious riots in northern India.


India's Badaun village gets toilets for women

Over 100 toilets are built months after alleged rape and death of two girls as they walked out to answer nature's call.


India lower caste still removing human waste

India's lower castes suffer as tradition of clearing human waste continues despite parliament passing a law against it.


Indian gay men's wives 'trapped' in marriage

Many stay married to gay men out of family pressure in a country where homosexuality is stigmatised and criminalised.


India activists oppose tougher juvenile law

Indian rights activists are concerned about proposed changes in juvenile law that will allow harsher punishment.


Corporate takeover raises Indian media fears

Country's richest man buys into the media – stoking concerns that journalistic independence needs to be protected.


India’s AAP volunteers introspect poll defeat

Recent rout and infighting in anti-corruption party fails to dampen spirits of supporters hoping for political revival.


India women activists remind Modi of promises

Activists and feminists seek implementation of law to check violence against women as new government is sworn in.