Bethany Matta

War & Conflict

Afghanistan: Economic devastation rivals security woes

Taliban gains underscore President Ghani's tumultuous year in office, but the economy is also weighing the country down.

War & Conflict

Doctors caught in the crossfire in northern Afghanistan

Heavy fighting between government militia and the Taliban has increased demand for doctors - and death threats.

War & Conflict

Foreign fighters set up shop in northern Afghanistan

Residents of Kunduz province concerned after black-masked fighters take control of their villages.

Human Rights

China to neighbours: Send us your Uighurs

Afghanistan is among several countries under pressure to deport Chinese members of the Muslim ethnic group.

Human Rights

Afghan women's daily battle against abuse

Afghan woman, whose genitalia was severed by her husband, fights for justice amid rising violence against women.


Afghan interpreters demand promised US visas

Hundreds of translators, who took risks to aid US war efforts, accuse US of reneging on pledge to help them.


Afghan forces fail to halt Taliban resurgence

Taliban makes quick gains in Afghanistan with little opposition from Afghan army as US withdrawal begins.


Amnesty slams US over Afghan civilian deaths

A new report by Amnesty International looks at civilian casualties by US troops and the ongoing lack of accountability.


Mistrust galore as Afghans eye unity rule

Amid vote audit and horse-trading, politicians of all hues agree a compromise is needed to avoid political instability.

Human Rights

Afghan children pay for violence

Violent attacks in Afghanistan cause a surge in child civilian casualties and impede access to medical care.

US & Canada

Ex-mujahid faces academic in Afghan runoff

Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani are challenging stereotypes ahead of Saturday's presidential runoff in Afghanistan.


Afghan women face hurdles despite elections

Afghan women are getting more political representation but continue to face barriers in local communities.