Bethan Staton


The fight for a living wage in the UK

Cinema workers are leading the campaign for a living wage as they say low salaries leave them living "precarious" lives.


Art therapy brings comfort to Jordan's orphans

New programme has also exposed the profound needs of some of the country's most vulnerable children.

Middle East

Jordan set for 'historic' vote

New electoral law aims to fix a political system with which many voters have grown disenchanted.

Middle East

Amman celebrates first Design Week

The festival of juxtapositions blended various disciplines, backgrounds and styles in the Jordanian capital.

Middle East

Syrian refugees stuck on Jordan border 'have nothing'

Thousands of Syrian refugees are cut off from humanitarian assistance after border attack, aid workers say.

Middle East

Jordan university students vow to continue protests

Students are holding out for further concessions after administrators partially rolled back a controversial fee hike.


Jordan's women fight for political representation

A campaign to increase the women's quota in parliament poses deeper questions about political representation in Jordan.

Humanitarian crises

Palestinian refugees strike against UN funding changes

In Jordan, volunteers at community organisations for Palestinians fear the funding crisis could presage bigger changes.

Human Rights

Palestinian workers in the settlements unite

Workers in one West Bank settlement are protesting inequalities experienced by many Palestinians in Israel.

Middle East

The deep roots of the Palestine-Israel conflict

Palestinians have tended olive groves for decades, but Israelis are staking a claim by planting their own trees.