Barnaby Phillips

"Barnaby Phillips joined Al Jazeera in 2006 and was based in Athens for four years, from where he covered the Greek economic crisis, political upheavals in Turkey, and Kosovo's declaration of independence. While most of his reporting for Al Jazeera has been from Europe, Barnaby has also worked in India, the United States and the Middle East.

Prior to joining Al Jazeera, he spent 15 years with the BBC, reporting mainly from Africa. He lived in Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria and South Africa. Barnaby is currently working on his first book, based on his award-winning film ""Burma Boy"", which he produced for Al Jazeera."


UK general election: Britons head to polls on Thursday

The snap election was called by Prime Minister May, who said she wanted to strengthen her mandate in negotiations with the EU. Labour focused its campaign on domestic issues such as health and education.


Scotland becomes key battleground in UK general election

In Scotland, the pro-independence Scottish National Party - which won 56 out of 59 seats in the 2015 election - is facing a challenge from Theresa May's resurgent Conservative Party.


Brexit looms large over UK elections

British Prime Minister Theresa May says she called the election because needs a stronger mandate for upcoming negotiations to withdraw the country from the EU.

United Kingdom

UK: What does Theresa May stand for?

Theresa May is poised to win her own mandate as British prime minister. But her campaign is struggling ahead of next week's election, with some questioning what she really stands for.

United Kingdom

UK election campaigns resume after concert attack

Britain’s political parties have restarted their campaigning ahead of a June 8 general election. Following a deadly attack at a music venue in Manchester, security has dominated the political debate. Al Jazeera’s Barnaby Phillips reports from London.


UK general election: Conservatives poll lead over Labour shrinks

The lead of Prime Minister Theresa May's party over Labour has halved after the announcement of a policy on social care for the elderly proved unpopular with voters. People have until midnight on Monday to register to vote in the UK election.


UK general election: Theresa May launches manifesto

Theresa May, prime minister of the UK, has launched the ruling Conservative Party's manifesto before the general election next month. Opposition parties also launched their manifestos earlier this week.


UK to vote in local elections

Local elections take place in England, Scotland and Wales on Thursday with almost 5,000 council seats up for grabs and six new mayors to be elected across the UK.


UK government must publish pollution plans before election

A High Court judge has ordered the British government to publish its plans on tackling air pollution by May 9.


Brexit fears loom over EU doctors in the UK

The future of the National Health Service is a major issue in the UK election, but so is the fate of EU nationals living in the country.


Stockholm attack: At least four dead after truck rams crowd

At least two people have been killed after a truck rammed into people in the Swedish capital, Stockholm. The driver ploughed into a busy shopping street, then crashed into a department store. Sweden's prime minister has called it a terror attack.

United Kingdom

EU issues draft guidelines for Brexit process

The European Union has issued a draft of guidelines to negotiate Brexit. President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said there needs to be an agreement on how the UK leaves the EU prior to any talk about the future relationship.