Barbara Bibbo


Qatar hires law firm to probe violations from blockade

Lalive will pursue the cases of some 2,450 citizens and foreign residents hit by the anti-Qatar measures.


What does the Haftar-Serraj meeting mean for Libya?

Analysts say the recent meeting in the UAE may only serve to validate Haftar's political legitimacy.


Pope set to visit Egypt in 'call for peace'

The visit comes three weeks after two separate bombings killed dozens of Egyptian Copts on Palm Sunday.

Humanitarian crises

EU roadmap for Libya to stem flow of sea migrants

Libyan prime minister asked for rescue and emergency equipment to curb illegal migration across its border into Europe.


Can Russia resolve the conflict in Libya?

Moscow is trying to become an arbiter between Haftar and Sarraj and position itself as an indispensable negotiator.


Giulio Regeni murder: 'It's not yet the time to grieve'

Student or spy? A year without the truth on the brutal murder of Italian student Giulio Regeni.


What is Russia's endgame in Libya?

Haftar met with Russian officials in an effort to secure military support that would prepare for his control of Libya.

Battle for Mosul

Mosul Dam collapse 'will be worse than a nuclear bomb'

Warnings by scientists and environmentalists about an imminent collapse are dismissed by Iraqi officials as far-fetched.


Italy votes for new constitution amid political turmoil

The December 4 vote could alter the country's constitution and reform the 70-year-old republic.

Middle East

Giulio Regeni: Why Europe is bowing to Sisi

Rome's strategy aims at putting pressure on Egypt to conduct an honest investigation, but will it work?

Middle East

Who will take on ISIL in Libya?

Analysis: Despite offering to lead militarily a NATO coalition in Libya, Italy hopes there will be no need for it.

Middle East

Egypt prosecutors in Rome to discuss Giulio Regeni case

Italy threatens with sanctions, as Italian and Egyptian prosecutors meet in Rome to discuss Giulio Regeni's murder.