Baba Tamim

Turkey-Syria border

Syria's war: 'Hope is all I have'

A Syrian freelancer who lost his leg during a gun battle between rebels and regime forces shares his story of hope.

Human Rights

Kashmir's mental health crisis

According to a recent report, 1.8 million Kashmiri adults suffer from some form of mental distress.


Pellet guns cause severe eye injuries in Kashmir

Srinagar hospital reports at least 100 eye surgeries after four days of violent crackdown on protesters.


Magazine: Meet the Indian women hunted as witches

In remote parts of India, women branded witches are still being abused, tortured and murdered.


Kashmir cricket bats lose World Cup lustre

Devastating floods washed away wood supplies - and the dreams of Kashmiri bat-makers ahead of the World Cup.

Arts & Culture

In Pictures: Kashmir's parkour generation

Inspired by Gaza's free runners and traceurs, parkour is making inroads in India-administered Kashmir.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: India's water crisis deepens

As Global Water Week kicks off in Stockholm, world's second most populous city, New Delhi fights for water every day.