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Analysis: Russian gunships replace jets in Syria

While Russia announced a major withdrawal of its military might last month, the opposite appears to have taken place.

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Iran's missiles: How big a threat to regional rivals?

What kind of a military impact could Iran's ballistic missile arsenal have in the event of a potential conflict?


Will Saudi jets change balance of power in Syria?

Deployment of kingdom's air force has important implications for the coalition's abilities in Syria.

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Analysis: How Russia keeps piling pressure on Turkey

Moscow deploys its most sophisticated warplanes to Syria as relations with Ankara continue to strain.

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What the British military really contributes in Syria

British Parliament will vote on Wednesday on whether it should extend RAF strikes in Iraq and Syria.


Analysis: Downing of Russian jet hardly a surprise

Russia should not be surprised that one of its jets was shot down by Turkey near the Syrian border.

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Analysis: Iran's Russian missiles 'intensify arms race'

Range and advance tracking of S-300 system allows Iran to threaten aircraft long way from its borders.


Analysis: Is Russia flexing its missiles in Syria?

Use of advanced missiles and state-of-the-art jets suggests Moscow is sending a message to more than just Syrian rebels.