Asma Smadhi

Middle East

Tunisia's Ennahda sets sights on parliament

Country's most powerful party will not run a presidential candidate, focusing instead on upcoming parliamentary vote.

Middle East

Tunisian synagogue struggles to bounce back

Amid fears of instability in the country, attendance at the landmark Ghriba pilgrimage site has dipped in recent years.

Middle East

New 'controls' on niqab spur alarm in Tunisia

Vague government statements on face-covering garment highlight growing secular-religious tensions in Tunisia.

Middle East

Tunisia gives Roman artefact back to Algeria

The 300kg Gorgon Mask was allegedly stolen from Algeria 20 years ago during the country's civil war.


Endangered whale washes ashore in Tunisia

Nine-tonne mammal died after becoming entangled in a fishing net near the tourist town of Sidi Bou Said.


Tunisia's Arab Spring: Three years on

The country is preparing to adopt a new constitution, but its economy remains weak and its political situation unstable.