Ashley Hamer

Humanitarian crises

Puntland: Teetering on the edge of famine

Thousands of people are displaced as drought leads to malnutrition and an outbreak of water-borne diseases.


Thousands forced to move as drought strikes Puntland

As pastoralists move in search of pasture, families are separated and forced to live in camps where disease is rife.


Refugees stranded in Somalia after Kenya eviction

Somalis are returning to Kismayo in a "voluntary" process to a homeland still stricken by war, drought, and hardship.

Business & Economy

Somaliland: Shipping the sheep for Eid al-Adha

Up to 80 percent of Somaliland's export income is generated by sales of sheep, goat, camel and cattle.


A journey deep into Sudan's forsaken Blue Nile

Those who fled conflict in the state of Blue Nile, are now returning to their resource-rich but dangerous homeland.

Climate Change

Somaliland's herders devastated by drought

As their animals starve to death, thousands of herder families are struggling to survive.

Climate Change

Somaliland: A parched earth

Somaliland's harshest drought is decimating the herder way of life and displacing thousands.

International Women's Day

South Sudan's displaced women hold communities together

In displacement camps and across fractured rural communities, women are holding what remains together.

War & Conflict

S Sudan: the displaced find sanctuary on holy ground

With continued government and rebel force fighting, civilians caught in between find shelter in holy city of Waat.

Humanitarian crises

S Sudan in crisis as independence celebrations commence

Conflict between S Sudan government and rebel forces reaches new levels of brutality upon 4th independence anniversary.

Humanitarian crises

Anniversary and humanitarian crisis in South Sudan

Dire security situation in the country and thousands displaced on the eve of anniversary celebrations.

War & Conflict

Abyei, a non-state entity of post-war Sudanese divide

Abyei, a fist of oil-rich land on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, is violently contested.