Arnab Neil Sengupta

War & Conflict

Much ado about Muslim refugees

As politicians clash over accepting displaced Syrians, many fear the focus is shifting from the causes of the crisis.


First year: Taking the measure of India's Narendra Modi

A look at the main promises made by the BJP government, the approximate target dates and what it has delivered.


MEP looks forward to Iraq observer mission

Baroness Emma Nicholson is part of a three-member European Parliament team travelling to Iraq to try to help monitor the 15 December elections.


Thai PM seeks southern solution

A deadly blast rocked a tourist town on Thursday shortly after Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra ended his tour of southern Thailand, his first visit to the troubled region since the 6 February elections.


Captors urged to set Filipino free

The Philippine government has issued an urgent appeal to a Filipino driver's captors to release him, citing the country's "long history of working with the people of Iraq".