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Jordanians in Karak find unity in wake of tragedy

New initiatives aim to strengthen the town's sense of community, after a December ISIL attack that killed 10 people.


Jordanians 'at breaking point' over austerity measures

A government increase in sales tax has affected poor and middle-class families, activists say.

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Can Jordan's new parliament spearhead political change?

Despite the Islamists' comeback to parliament,'no radical changes' are expected.

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Jordan: 'We are tired of living like the dead'

Amid economic decline and high unemployment, resentment is building among the country's youth.

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Jordanians protest over soaring university tuition fees

Activists warn that higher education is becoming out of reach for poor and middle-class students in Jordan.


Jordan's ISIL campaign scares away tourists

Tourism to the kingdom is plunging, leading Jordan's government to adopt an "emergency plan" to revive the sector.


Situation 'grimmer than ever' for Jordan press freedom

Journalists say an 'Arab Autumn' has resulted in increasing government control over the media.

War & Conflict

Syria's war haunts Jordanian border town

The closure of a Jordan-Syria border crossing after its capture by rebel fighters has worsened Ramtha's economic crisis.

War & Conflict

'We escaped death only to be humiliated'

In a series of profiles of displaced Syrian families, Al Jazeera explores the ongoing costs of the country's civil war.


Brotherhood verdict heightens tensions in Jordan

Muslim Brotherhood says it is being 'targeted' after court jails group's leader for 18 months for criticising the UAE.

War & Conflict

Vox Pops: Jordan's next step against ISIL

After the brutal murder of a Jordanian pilot, Al Jazeera asked residents how the country should respond.

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Pilot's brutal killing divides Jordanians over ISIL war

Jordan's political divide over the war on ISIL is growing deeper.