Anneliese Mcauliffe

Anneliese Mcauliffe is a journalist who has worked across Asia and the Middle East for the past two decades for the BBC, Aljazeera, ABC and the Associated Press. She has worked extensively in both Indonesia and Australia.

Asylum Seekers

Australia: Appeal to free detainee receiving threats

Petition to bring Iranian asylum seeker from offshore prison to Australia made by advocates after his life threatened.

Humanitarian crises

Australians rally against removal of asylum seekers

Protesters urge government to let 267 asylum seekers, who came to Australia for medical treatment, stay in the country.


Court to rule on Australia's refugee-detention policy

Test case mounted by Human Rights Law Centre will challenge the legality of country’s offshore "processing centres".

Asia Pacific

Asylum row highlights Thai human trafficking

Police weigh defamation case against investigator who fled to Australia and has implicated senior security officials.

Human Rights

UN refugees returned to China 'confess' to charges

Dissidents handed over to China bow to human-trafficking charges on state-run TV as rights activist alleges torture.

Science & Technology

Dating apps fuel 'hidden epidemic' of new HIV infection

New data reveals a surge in HIV infections among young people in the Asia Pacific region.

Human Rights

China accused of 'tricking' dissidents into deportation

Wife of UN-recognised refugee deported from Thailand accuses Beijing of tricking him into signing deportation papers.


Australia accused of denying detainees medical care

Health workers say officials are preventing offshore refugees from getting much needed medical assistance in Australia.


Will Myanmar's landmark election be free and fair?

Rights groups and opposition voice concerns after disquiet over process in early overseas voting for historic poll.


Australia running out of countries to send its refugees

After abuse scandals, Australia is being forced to seek out new nations to take its unwanted asylum seekers.


Malaysia's democracy is in worse shape than we thought

Malaysia's pro-democracy rally shows a country deeply divided along ethnic lines.


The $700 million question - can Malaysia's PM survive?

Malaysians are no strangers to money politics, but this time it's different.