Angelo Merendino

United States

Serving tea, Islam and understanding in Cleveland

How one man and his tea house are trying to foster a sense of understanding and community in the US city of Cleveland.


Growing up with a congenital heart defect

In many ways, Michael is just like any other 11-year-old, but he has had four open heart surgeries.

Arts & Culture

Carlos Jones, the 'Iron Man' of Cleveland's music scene

Carlos went big, from using pots and pans as a drum set, to a performance on a real stage. This is his musical journey.

Human Rights

Meet the refugee helping to feed Cleveland

Hsar Lar Doe is from Myanmar but spent 15 years in a refugee camp in Thailand before finally making his way to the US.

Child rights

Losing Laura: Growing up without mum

Twelve-year-old Garrett's greatest worry is that he will one day forget his mother, who died from cancer four years ago.


What this picture means to me: The last summer

"For a few moments, as she floated in the sea, there was no walker or cane, no cancer, just life ...."


Race in the US: The colour of Cleveland

How one man is helping to make Cleveland visible again - and using literature and culture to do it.