Angel L. Martinez Cantera


Should you swim with whale sharks in the Philippines?

Two competing whale shark interaction projects are highlighting the problems with ecotourism.


Nepal one year on: The baby pulled from the rubble

Rescued after 22 hours, five-month-old Sonish became a symbol of hope, but what became of his family in the year since?


Life inside the Philippines' prison without walls

Twice the size of Paris, the open-air Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm offers a unique approach to reforming criminals.

Arts & Culture

Last act for Delhi's street performers

Artists say plans to bulldoze celebrated colony where they live could leave them homeless and damage Indian culture.


Gold rush for Nepal's ‘Himalayan Viagra’

Nepalese trade in a libido-boosting fungus is booming but experts warn over-exploitation could destroy ecosystem.


Nepal's 'third gender'

The country is a pioneer in rights for gender and sexual minorities, but many continue to face marginalisation.

Business & Economy

Indian children toil in Jaipur gem industry

Exploitation is rampant, child rights activists say, in industry synonymous with glamour and glitter.


India trying to combat sex trade

Sex workers offered health and economic assistance by government projects and decentralised cooperatives.