Anealla Safdar


When Bouana Traore's death led to France's 2005 riots

Siyakha Traore reflects on the day his 15-year-old brother, fearing lengthy interrogation, hid from police and died.


Sister of rape victim Theo: 'Police consider us rats'

Eleanor says her younger brother Theo, who was attacked by French police, suffers mentally as family waits for justice.


Rokhaya Diallo: 'France sees itself as a white country'

Author, film director and activist Rokhaya Diallo addresses the challenge of racism following the presidential election.


French voters react to Emmanuel Macron's election win

Al Jazeera speaks to people in Paris about their mixed emotions over Emmanuel Macron's presidential win on Sunday.

French elections 2017

Five things you need to know about France's vote

For the first time in modern history, neither candidate in the decisive second round is from the mainstream parties.


'Neither Macron nor Le Pen interests me'

Parisians explain how they will vote in Sunday's presidential election, and why.

Human Rights

Roma Raymond Gureme warns of civil war if Le Pen wins

Raymond Gureme, 91, reflects on his time in concentration camps and warns against a far-right presidency.

French elections 2017

France in 1963: 'There was not all this hatred'

Djima, 77, a retired accountant who immigrated as a university student from Benin, discusses how France has changed.

French elections 2017

France votes: 'Left and right have completely failed'

Feminist activist Salika Amara, who set up the Paris suburbs' first female theatre group, discusses the state of France.


'Le Pen's party a living expression of anti-Semitism'

As Sunday's vote nears, the issue of anti-Semitism has raised its head in a country that contributed to the Holocaust.

French elections 2017

Peaceful May Day rally in Paris turns violent

Protesters demand equality and rights with less than a week until presidential poll, as police clash with demonstrators.


Paris crowds gather to mark killing of Brahim Bouarram

Days before key election, Macron and Melenchon attend gathering for French-Moroccan killed by skinheads in 1995.