Andrew Salmon

War & Conflict

Female activists walk the Korean divide for peace

Demand for Korean War peace treaty by prominent activists casts light on issue drawing criticism and support.

South Korea

Grief and anger as South Korea marks ferry tragedy

The lives of 304 people - including 250 schoolchildren - were lost a year ago, prompting national angst and anger.

South Korea

Families of dead in S Korea ferry tragedy seek closure

A year after Sewol ferry disaster, devastated relatives voice anger at government's failure to recover all the bodies.


Is South Korea's democracy under threat from within?

Government meddling and restrictions on freedoms threaten to unravel hard-fought democratic gains, critics say.


Former foes unite against Pyongyang's rule

In a twist of fate, defected North Korean prison guard and former inmate join hands to create change.


South Korea party vows to fight dissolution

Leftwing UPP's parliament members to move court to challenge Constitutional Court's right to de-seat them.

US & Canada

Hanging out at the Koreas' demilitarised zone

The DMZ, infamously seeded with countless land mines, is the most heavily armed strip of land on Earth.


Has North Korea launched a charm offensive?

North Korea's recent flurry of diplomatic activity signals increased efforts for international outreach.