Andrew McFadyen

Andrew McFadyen is a Programme Editor with Al Jazeera.

He has over 15 years experience of television and radio journalism. He has worked for the BBC and Channel 4 News on stories from Iceland to Iraq.

He also spent three years as an adviser to the Labour Party in the Scottish Parliament and has a PhD in Political Science from Edinburgh University.

Follow him on Twitter: @apmcfadyen


Glasgow: A city divided along learning lines

Educational opportunity in Scotland’s biggest city in the spotlight as Freedom of Information requests show disparity.


The Scottish Left wants Trump off its greens

Left-wing alliance stages protest at Donald Trump's Aberdeenshire golf course, "standing up to the rich and powerful".


Corbyn's shambolic but fascinating first week

Bumpy first week in the job for new UK Labour leader, who has won points for authenticity but needs a good spin doctor.


A new kind of politics in Britain

Corbyn's win against the odds shows we now live in a world where the iPhone is mightier than the mainstream media.


A night of political drama in Glasgow

Scottish city has the deepest of connections to the Labour movement, but voters have rejected it in favour SNP.


UK election: Scotland vote and the future of the bomb

Anti-nuclear submarine protests have quieted in Scotland since the 1980s - until now.


SNP rains on Labour's May Day parade

Though founded in Scotland's mines and factories, Labour is losing worker votes to the Scottish Nationalists.


Scottish National Party woos Scots Asians

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon continues to gain support among the Asian community.


Leaders clash in Scottish election debate

A clash took place during a BBC televised election debate from Aberdeen between Scotland's political leaders.


Who owns football?

Supporters' revolt against corporate power looks likely to produce a change in the law in Scotland.


First newspaper for an 'independent Scotland'

The National releases first edition of tabloid that claims to reflect the views of "the people" who want independence.


Defenders of the union

15,000 members of the Orange Order marched in Edinburgh on Saturday to oppose Scottish independence.