Andrew Coombes


Tolerated asylum seekers troubled in Germany

Hundreds suffer from depression as government rules make it difficult for them to integrate into society.

US & Canada

Famed Berlin art gallery fades away

Artists and sculptors lament loss of creative space as centre is forced to close by new owners of building.

Science & Technology

German publishers in online copyright fight

Activists, bloggers and Google oppose a draft law that would charge licensing fees to link to copyrighted content.


US election outcome depends on swing states

The 2012 vote is likely to be closer than in 2008, hinging on the choices of Ohio, Florida and Virginia, among others.


A body blow for the US labour movement

The recall election in Wisconsin left Democrats and liberals under pressure ahead of November's presidential ballot.


Split remains over Hariri tribunal

Inquiry faces challenge to remain credible and independent amid political rambling.


Lebanon vote weighs on Palestinians

Palestinian refugees explain the importance to them of Lebanon's presidential polls.


Interview: Naim Qassem

Al Jazeera speaks exclusively to Hezbollah's deputy secretary-general.

Middle East

Hezbollah's Scout brigade

Al Jazeera meets the Lebanese Shia organisation's youth group.

Middle East

Tent tactics

Beirut's novel demonstration is crippling businesses in the city.


Lebanese lament crisis

Beirut residents hope for speedy resolution to the country's political impasse.


Interview: Boutros Harb

The Lebanese MP that the parliamentary majority would like to see as president.