Andrew Connelly


No way in and no way out for Yemeni refugees in Europe

The few Yemeni refugees who make it to Greece find themselves bewildered and trapped by contradictory asylum rules.


Refugee riot breaks out on Greek island

Police tear gas Moria detention camp after unaccompanied children become involved in ethnic fighting.

Refugee Crisis

Is Albania the next stop for stranded refugees?

A country with its own recent history of migration could soon find itself at the centre of Europe's refugee crisis.


Why is Europe closing its borders to Afghans?

Afghans become the latest to be denied access to Europe through the Greek-Macedonian border, closing a long-used route.


Pig farm takes centre stage in battle for Roma history

Activists in the Czech Republic demand that a pig farm built over a former WWII era concentration camp be shut down.


Poisoned spy inquiry reignites British-Russian tensions

Inquest into the 2006 nuclear-poisoning of ex-Russian spy continues with Alexander Litvinenko's wife testifying.


Whisky purveyors weigh in on Scotland vote

Spirits are high in Scotland's 'Whisky Capital of the World' with one distillery thirsty for independence.


In limbo: Inside Britain's detention system

Asylum seekers in the UK complain of neglect, abuse and lengthy detentions.


UK war on immigration tears families apart

British immigration law that imposes income hurdles for family visas is punishing citizens married to foreigners.


Transnistria: Europe's other Crimea

Pro-Russian region carved out of Moldova could be an example of where parts of Ukraine are headed as tensions mount.

Poverty & Development

Muslim gender segregation stirs UK debate

Incident at University College London talk thrusts Islam's male-and-female divide into the spotlight.

US & Canada

Britain fired up over khat popularity

British government looking to ban the stimulant, but many migrants say khat is part of their culture.