Anar Virji

US Elections 2016

What does Clinton's nomination mean for US Democrats?

Democratic Party delegates say they are "thrilled" and "proud" to witness Hillary Clinton accept party's nomination.


Donald Trump's Republican Party - not divided

Republicans are split over Donald Trump, yet thousands turned out to voice their support for the presidential nominee.


Web musicians build audience amid bleak finances

Financial outlook for independent musicians can be bleak, but ambition to make music and getting heard keeps them going.


On the road with the American 'vandwellers'

As the US housing crisis worsens, many retirees have embraced the freedom of living in small vans.


Rowing on a toxic river of human waste and chemicals

Anacostia River has long been one of the US' most polluted waterways but new tunnels should stop sewer overflows.

Human Rights

Justice still elusive for exonerated death row inmate

Glenn Ford spent 30 years on death row an innocent man. Now freed, he is fighting the US state for compensation.

Poverty & Development

Saving Grand Canyon's 'sacred water'

Water supply for Havasupai Native American tribe under threat as commercial developments expand in iconic park.


The great American oyster collapse

Acidification of the world's oceans is believed to be behind plummet in oyster population in the US' Pacific Northwest.


Shadows of a town destroyed by toxic waste

Shells of houses still stand in what was once the town of Picher which tonnes of toxic waste made unlivable.


'Mastermind of 9/11' in plea to judge

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed tells judge James Pohl he should not be moved by "crocodile tears" shed by the United States.


Giving clothes a second chance

It is common for people in the US to donate clothing to charity, and it has now become a growing export business.