Allison Deger

Middle East

Is Jordan placing travel restrictions on Palestinians?

Israel, and not Jordan, is to blame for the travel restrictions on Palestinians, say officials.

Middle East

Israel jails Palestinian beautician over Facebook post

Family "shocked and furious" after Facebook post leads to 45-day imprisonment for Majd Atwan.

Human Rights

Report details 'inhuman' treatment in Israeli jail

Palestinian detainees have been physically abused and held in squalid conditions, human rights groups say.

Middle East

UN: Palestinians need $571M in emergency services

Humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate in occupied Palestinian territory and Gaza, according to a UN appeal.

Middle East

In Hebron 'even the kids have numbers'

Israeli army introduces a new system of identification numbers for the 30,000 Palestinian residents in the city.

Human Rights

Israeli checkpoints: 'We live under colonisation'

With nearly 100 Israeli-controlled permanent checkpoints in the West Bank, Al Jazeera asked Palestinians how they cope.