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Is da Vinci's influence still relevant?

Leonardo da Vinci, the ancient Italian inventor, innovator and artist, had imagined the future and painted masterpieces that still inspire and challenge us half a millennium after his death.

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White supremacist claims his innocence again in Portland court

Jeremy Christian, the white supremacist charged with stabbing to death two men who came to the aid of women being racially abused on a train, has once again claimed his innocence in court.

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Bumblebees added to US endangered species list

Bumblebees, common to the central and eastern United States, are now formally listed as an endangered species. It's a first for the US, where it's estimated the honey bee population has halved since the 1950s.

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Trump moves to kill Obama-era Clean Water Rule

The administration of US President Donald Trump is moving towards dismantling water regulations put in place by Barack Obama. Environmental groups say the executive order signed by Trump signals a disaster in terms of keeping water sources clean.