Alisa Reznick

War & Conflict

Mosul's Christian exiles have little hope of return

Christian residents taking refuge in Amman say watching the battle is a reminder of a home they cannot come back to.

Middle East

Syrian worker programme faces hurdles in Jordan

Initiatives to integrate Syrians into the Jordanian workforce have garnered mixed results.

Human Rights

A challenging harvest for Syrian refugees in Jordan

Many Syrian Bedouins who fled violence in their home country are working for under-the-table wages on Jordanian farms.

Humanitarian crises

Jordan's Azraq Syrian refugee camp stands largely empty

Scalding temperatures, a lack of electricity and soaring food prices have created harsh conditions in the desert camp.

Arts & Culture

Volunteers open Jordan's first skate park

The site, funded by $25,000 in donations, hosts competitions and provides boards to young skaters.

Human Rights

Winter crisis a misery for Jordan's refugees

After the region's first major winter storm Jordan's Iraqi refugees feel forgotten as funds shrink for emergency aid

Human Rights

Iraqi Christian refugees trapped in limbo

More than 4,000 refugees have found safety in Amman, as aid agencies struggle to provide long-term solutions.