Alia Chughtai

Alia Chughtai is an interactive journalist, specialising in visual journalism and infographics.

Middle East

Line of succession to Saudi Arabia's throne

The new crown prince will be the first Saudi monarch from a generation of royals representing the founder's grandsons.


Pakistan's ties with the Gulf countries

Pakistan has a long history with the Arab Gulf countries in trade, labour and diplomatic support.

United Kingdom

NHS England at a glance

Fifty percent of the UK's electorate says the NHS is the most important factor in deciding who they will vote for.


The UK elections explained

Al Jazeera breaks down the election process and the main contenders.


US-Israel relations

The United States of America is Israel's largest benefactor since its inception.

Saudi Arabia

US-Saudi relations: A timeline

An overview of the relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia over the past century.

Ramadan 2017

Ramadan 2017: Fasting hours around the world

Fasting will be the longest in Greenland and Sweden, and shortest in Chile and Australia.