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Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Who speaks for Palestine?

Last-gasp effort for the two-state solution leaves Palestinians out in the cold.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Francois Hollande: Two-state solution is the only way

France's Hollande tells representatives from 70 countries it is up to Palestinian and Israeli leaders to achieve peace.


Palestine: Growing Recognition

Amid efforts to bring the issue back to the negotiating table, 137 UN member nations have recognised State of Palestine.

Israeli–Palestinian conflict

Summit tackles elusive Israel-Palestine peace

International effort to re-ignite moribund talks between Israelis and Palestinians under way in French capital.


Why Western attempts to moderate Islam are dangerous

An analysis of the dangers posed when Western governments and the Muslim establishment limit Muslim political activism.


Is Saudi Arabia warming up to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Amid continued ISIL expansion and a perceived threat from Iran, Saudi Arabia has been searching for new allies.

Human Rights

Family decries life sentence for US-Egyptian citizen

The United States has come under criticism for not doing enough to secure Mohamed Soltan's release from Egyptian jail.


Interactive: Egypt's Lost Power

Al Jazeera tells the hidden story of how Egypt may become dependent on Israeli gas.

Middle East

Infographic: Iraq's electoral system

Millions of Iraqis will head to polls in 18 governorates to elect the parliament for a new national government.

Middle East

Syrian refugees cling to stability in Iraq

Finding relative stability in northern Iraq, many Syrian refugees are in no hurry to return to their war-torn country.