Alessandro Rampietti

Alessandro Rampietti is a producer and correspondent in the Andean region for Al Jazeera English.

A native Italian, he has covered the Colombian conflict, immigration in Europe, US politics, the Middle East peace process, indigenous populations and the global financial crisis.

Before his current assignment, he worked at the broadcast centre in Washington, DC, reporting on the 2008 US elections and producing a series of documentaries across the country.

Alessandro’s coverage of Haiti’s cholera crisis won an award from the New York Press club. He previously worked for national newspapers and television in Italy.

Latin America

Colombia landslides: Survivors left with nothing

Survivors of Colombia's mudslides are returning to their neighbourhoods to recover what's left. Despite government promises to help people rebuild, those left with nothing are worried it won't happen at all.


Colombia: Burials start for Mocoa mudslides victims

At least 273 people were killed after rains and mudslides caused havoc in the Colombian city of Mocoa. Many of the victims were children. Families have started burying their loved ones as the search for the missing goes on.

Latin America

Venezuela: President moves to defuse tension after court ruling

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro is pushing for a review of the Supreme Court decision that stripped the opposition-controlled parliament of its powers.

Latin America

Colombian architect gets 51-year prison verdict for raping girl

A wealthy Colombian architect has been sentenced to 51 years in prison for the sexual assault and murder of a seven-year-old indigenous girl.

Latin America

Pregnant Venezuelans pour into Colombia for medical attention

With the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, hundreds of pregnant women are crossing into neighboring Colombia to have their babies. Many of them arrive when their pregnancy is advanced and have received little or no previous medical attention.

Latin America

Colombia's Santos apologises for illegal campaign funds

The Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht has admitted paying millions of dollars in bribes in a dozen countries.

Humanitarian crises

Migrants stranded in Colombia as route to US closed

Thousands from Cuba and Haiti, as well as Africa and Asia, seeking to reach US are stranded on Colombia-Panama border.


Colombia restaurant cooks up recipe for peace

El Cielo, one of Latin America's top restaurants, assembles kitchen staff of army veterans and former rebel fighters.


FARC rebels' last days in the Colombian jungle?

Al Jazeera gains inside access as the longest-standing rebel group in the Americas prepares to down its arms.


Colombia seeks to boost cancer-survival rates

National Cancer Plan covers all types of the disease as part of continent's effort to address shortage of specialists.

Latin America

Colombia voters favour pro-peace candidates

Candidates opposed to peace talks suffer losses in regional polls as government engages FARC rebels in talks.

Latin America

Conflict-torn Colombia sees peaceful elections

Colombians vote for mayors and governors that will play a crucial role if the country signs a peace deal.