Alessandro Rampietti

Alessandro Rampietti is a producer and correspondent in the Andean region for Al Jazeera English.

A native Italian, he has covered the Colombian conflict, immigration in Europe, US politics, the Middle East peace process, indigenous populations and the global financial crisis.

Before his current assignment, he worked at the broadcast centre in Washington, DC, reporting on the 2008 US elections and producing a series of documentaries across the country.

Alessandro’s coverage of Haiti’s cholera crisis won an award from the New York Press club. He previously worked for national newspapers and television in Italy.


Venezuela crisis: Students seek refugee status

Students in Venezuela have been at the centre of the civil unrest in the country.


Venezuela: Students fearing persecution flee to Colombia

More than three months of civil unrest in Venezuela has left over 90 people dead.

Latin America

Colombia's FARC rebels complete disarmament process

Colombia's FARC rebels have finished handing over their weapons, bringing an end to Latin America's longest-running civil war.

Latin America

Colombia: Paramilitary groups take over abandoned FARC territory

Colombia's largest rebel group, the FARC, is due to finish disarming this week as part of a historic peace deal with the government. But many communities are still threatened by armed groups.

Latin America

Colombia shipping channel endangers unique reef

An old and unique reef off the coast of Colombia could be wiped out by government plans to build a deep-water shipping channel in the area.

Latin America

Colombia: FARC hands over most of its weapons in peace deal

Colombia’s FARC rebel group says it has handed over 60 percent of its weapons to the United Nations as part of a deal to end the half-century war with government forces.

Latin America

Venezuelan cities semi-paralysed by country's deepening crisis

In San Cristobal, the capital of the state of Tachira, most of the public transport system has been shut for nearly a month. Unrest in Venezuela has left cities paralysed for weeks. Al Jazeera’s Alessandro Rampietti reports from Cucuta.

Latin America

Venezuela: Attorney General slams security forces on deadly force

Venezuela's Attorney General Luisa Ortega has accused security forces of using excessive force to quell anti-government protests. She says 55 people have died since demonstrations over the country's food and economic crises intensified in April.

Latin America

Colombia’s striking teachers take to streets

Tens of thousands of teachers have protested in Colombia's capital, Bogota, and other cities, calling for more state investment in education and wage increases.

Latin America

Colombia: Complaints over construction delays at FARC peace camps

Former FARC fighters say the Colombian government has yet to make good on its promise to provide proper housing for those now living in temporary camps. They say the delay could hinder the peace process agreed last year.

Latin America

Colombia landslides: Survivors left with nothing

Survivors of Colombia's mudslides are returning to their neighbourhoods to recover what's left. Despite government promises to help people rebuild, those left with nothing are worried it won't happen at all.


Colombia: Burials start for Mocoa mudslides victims

At least 273 people were killed after rains and mudslides caused havoc in the Colombian city of Mocoa. Many of the victims were children. Families have started burying their loved ones as the search for the missing goes on.