Ala Qandil

War & Conflict

Rooftop gardens provide 'answer for Gaza'

Crops are blooming on Gaza City rooftops, thanks to an aquaponic gardening method that saves water and space.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza women bear psychological scars of war

Fearing for their lives and that of their children, Palestinian women are suffering from severe mental health issues.

Humanitarian crises

Gaza faces imminent water crisis

Israel's assault had a devastating impact on Gaza's already fragile water infrastructure.


Palestinians denounce West Bank leadership

As violence intensifies in Gaza, Palestinians are angry by what they say is the Palestinian Authority's inaction.

Middle East

Palestinians revive earthen architecture

Despite persisting stigmas, Palestinians are increasingly using clay, mud and sand to build their homes.


Refugees rally against Israeli crackdown

Asylum seekers claim that they live under constant fear of deportation and imprisonment.