Ahmed Saeed


US delay on sanctions decision leaves Sudanese in limbo

Businessmen, shop owners, and Sudanese expats are desperate to finally ditch 20 years of US sanctions.

Middle East

Sudan floods: 'We have to start from scratch'

Popular initiatives aim to help Sudanese affected by the floods to rebuild their lives.

Middle East

Sudan: 'Cinema will rise again'

Several grassroots efforts are aiming to reverse decades of decline in the country's cinema scene.

Middle East

Hassan al-Turabi: A man with a mission

The Sudanese politician is being remembered as a visionary and 'a rock for Muslims here and everywhere'.


US sanctions on Sudan under the spotlight

Sanctions were imposed to stop Sudan from sponsoring 'terrorism', but many say the measures hurt ordinary people.

Child rights

On the streets of Sudan: Dreaming of riches and apples

Omniya is an eight-year-old girl who lives on the streets of Khartoum, but dreams of one day buying her mum a big house.

Poverty & Development

High dropout rates plague Sudanese schoolchildren

Some children say their families' financial circumstances compelled them to leave school and start working.


Sudan's farmers worried over late rainy season

Late rainfall has Sudanese farmers fearing for their crops – and their finances.


Sudanese youth spend Ramadan giving back

In keeping with Ramadan tradition, Sudan is seeing vibrant, innovative efforts to give back to the underprivileged.

Humanitarian crises

Sudan's Eritrean refugees flee for 'money and freedom'

Refugees' accounts cite grinding economic conditions and repression among reasons for fleeing Eritrea.


Sudan in the wake of Bashir's return

Amid a flurry of global headlines, President Bashir's return was met with mixed feelings in Sudan.