Ahmed Deeb

War & Conflict

Operation 'Euphrates Shield' ends ISIL rule in Jarablus

Syrian rebels backed by Turkish forces drove ISIL out of Jarablus, a strategic town on border with Turkey.


Gaza's forgotten residents

El-Wafa Center for Aged Care, located in central Gaza, houses tens of elderly Palestinians with nowhere else to turn.

War & Conflict

Syrians flee battle for Tal Abyad

Thousands of Syrians pour into Turkey as coalition jets and Kurdish units drive out ISIL fighters from strategic town.

War & Conflict

In Pictures: Aleppo's front-lines

'We are steadfast, and we will keep fighting Daesh until the last breath,' says a leader of the Free Syrian Army.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: Kurdish refugees flood Turkey

Thousands of Syrian Kurdish refugees have poured into the country amid an ISIL offensive in Kobani.

Arts & Culture

In Pictures: Ramadan in Aleppo

Syrian opposition fighters spent the holy month of Ramadan fasting while fighting regime forces.

Humanitarian crises

In Pictures: Life in Atmeh camp

In a tent camp on a hill overlooking the Turkish border, Syrians displaced by the war live in dire conditions.