Adrian Brown

Wild Animals

China: Outrage as shopping centre displays polar bear

Online petition signed by more than half a million people demands closure of theme park where the animal is on display.


Remembering China's Cultural Revolution

Some historians say the number of dead could be as high as two million people during Mao Zedong's communist purge.


Taiwan shows off Taiping Island in the South China Sea

Taipei invites journalists to tour disputed island, which is also subject to claims by the Philippines and Vietnam.


China: Hip-hop propaganda boosts cult of Xi Jinping

Chinese president grows in stature as a number of online videos, all promoting his character, go viral.

Asia Pacific

Al Jazeera journalist takes tumble in Taiwan

Correspondent Adrian Brown tripped over while following country's presidential frontrunner, making national news.

Business & Economy

Close encounter with China's worried steel workers

Al Jazeera's China team mobbed while reporting on the slow demise of the steel town of Qingbaijiang.


Tough decisions await China's pollution battle

Some coal-fired power stations face closure as country slowly begins to wean itself off its addiction to fossil fuels.

Asia Pacific

Learning to live with Beijing's smog

Air purifiers and face masks are part of life in the Chinese capital as pollution increases during the winter months.


Hong Kong-China game to test Xi's football reform plan

The 2018 World Cup qualifier seen as a crucial encounter between the former colony and the country that governs it.


Beijing residents hope China Dream remains on track

As stocks plunge, millions of investors have no choice but to hope their government engineers a recovery.


Suicides highlight China's 'left-behind' children

Tragedy in which four young children die after abandonment highlights child poverty in Guizhou.


The humiliation of a Chinese security tsar

Ex-security chief Zhou jailed for life after he was found guilty of abuse of power, bribery, and leaking state secrets.