Adela Suliman


Terror through the eyes of medical workers

Nurses and doctors from Lebanon, France and Turkey tell Al Jazeera how they maintain order amid carnage and chaos.

Human Rights

Q&A: Concern grows for Canadian Libyan jailed in UAE

Marwa Alaradi speaks with Al Jazeera on the one-year anniversary of her father's detention without charge or trial.


Factoring in social media for UK election victory

UK parties have taken to social media platforms to garner electoral support and attract voters to the polls.


'More of the same': Bashir sweeps Sudan election

President Bashir wins 94 percent majority in a vote boycotted by opposition parties and criticised internationally.


Sudanese expatriates apathetic about presidential vote

With voting set to close in embassies around the globe, many say President Bashir's victory is a foregone conclusion.


Israel bans Norwegian doctor from Gaza

Mads Gilbert, renowned for treating civilians at Shifa hospital during bombardment, barred from territory indefinitely.

In Pictures

Libya's 'pearl of the desert'

Ghadames, an oasis town in northwestern Libya, is famed for its labyrinthine walled settlement.

Middle East

Malta: Libya's springboard to Europe

As the two countries build economic ties, it has become increasingly easy for Libyans to be granted Schengen visas.