Adam Raney

Latin America

Colombia struggles with growing Venezuelan migrant influx

Colombia is struggling to help the growing number of Venezuelan migrants who fled hunger and violence back home.


Rio 2016: City revamped in run-up to Olympics

City once considered a dangerous place to visit now enjoys welcome developments such as new tram lines and plazas.


Rio conference highlights neglected diseases

Gathering in Brazil seeks to raise awareness and ensure increased funding for diseases affecting a billion people.


Pope Francis in visit of hope to Mexico

Francis wants to stand with victims of corruption, violence and organised crime during his five-day visit to Mexico.

Human Rights

First group of stranded Cuban migrants arrive in Mexico

Some of the nearly 8,000 Cuban migrants who were stuck in Costa Rica are closer to their final goal: the US border.

El Salvador

A murder an hour: El Salvador's gang violence soars

Officials unwilling to negotiate with gangs, even after country recorded highest homicide figures since civil war.

Latin America

Haitians face bleak future in Dominican border camps

Haitian who say they were deported from Dominican Republic now face uncertain future in border camps.


For Hondurans, it's enough of politics as usual

Marches against corruption amount to the largest social movement to hit Central American country since 2009 coup.

Human Rights

Dominican deportation fears keep families on edge

Many unsure if they should await government decision on residency status or cross border to Haiti with their belongings.

Latin America

In Dominican Republic, deportations cast long shadow

Proving legal right to stay here is no easy task for both Dominicans and Haitians born in shacks and lacking documents.


Squeezed among the million Sao Paulo protesters

Although the chances of President Rousseff being ousted are slim, protests show how disillusioned many Brazilians are.


Heroin: A deadly industry stretching from Mexico to US

Al Jazeera follows the heroin corridor from colourful poppy fields to a town ravaged by addiction and overdoses.