Adam Lucente

Middle East

Battle for Aleppo: 'The sound of bullets doesn't stop'

As the Syrian government army makes advances in east Aleppo, civilians say the situation is getting worse.

Middle East

Marching towards Mosul with the Peshmerga

Peshmerga fighters and volunteers face many dangers as they continue their advance on ISIL's de facto Iraqi capital.

Middle East

Iraq: Christians who fled ISIL fearful to return home

As anti-ISIL operations near Mosul continue, many are sheltering at camps in Iraq's Kurdish region.

Human Rights

Sudanese refugees nervous after deportation from Jordan

Refugees sent back to Sudan say they are being pursued by authorities there, and hope to flee again.

Middle East

Free Syrian Army decimated by desertions

In Aleppo, the rebel group has weakened as fighters leave due to low pay, poor conditions and fragmentation.