Adam Lucente and Zouhir Al Shimale

Syria's Civil War

Displaced Syrians stuck in limbo at Idlib's Taiba camp

Thousands of Syrians evacuated from east Aleppo last year face an uncertain future in Idlib province.

Battle for Aleppo

East Aleppo: 'Our memories are buried'

Residents evacuated from the Syrian city of Aleppo are beginning their lives anew in Idlib.

Battle for Aleppo

Inside east Aleppo's last hospital: 'No space to walk'

East Aleppo's 'only hospital' struggles with damaged equipment, lack of space and an insufficient amount of supplies.

Battle for Aleppo

In east Aleppo 'there is no way out'

Although residents of besieged east Aleppo have been told to leave immediately, they have no safe way of doing so.

Middle East

Can urban agriculture help to save east Aleppo?

As conditions worsen, one local farm is trying to feed besieged residents, one crop at a time.

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Aid still scarce after rebels break Aleppo siege

Fighting remains so intense that no significant amount of aid has been able to reach eastern Aleppo, aid workers say.

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No escape from Aleppo for the critically wounded

Patient transfers to Turkey have been halted amid government siege of eastern Aleppo.

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Pressure mounts in Aleppo after supply line cut

Since government forces closed off Castello Road, supplies have dwindled and prices have skyrocketed.

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Syria Civil War: Aleppo patients 'have nowhere to go'

Aleppo's healthcare is at serious risk, medical workers warn.

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Syria civil war: Helping traumatised children in Aleppo

A psychological support centre in Aleppo runs after-school programmes to help children cope with the ongoing war.

Humanitarian crises

Syrians continue to flee despite ceasefire

Al-Junairi camp in northwestern Syria has been receiving newcomers on a daily basis, straining aid delivery.

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Here is what school is like in Syria's Aleppo

Amid Russian air raids and the advance of pro-Assad forces, some students persist in going to class.