Abid Ali

Business & Economy

China's economic slowdown: What you need to know

Here are six key points on the never-ending debate on China's GDP growth, which has slowed down in the third quarter.

Business & Economy

China stock market crisis: Who's to blame?

Beijing, reluctant to see its economic growth succumb to greed of Wall Street, spent almost $600bn propping up economy.

Business & Economy

China devalues yuan in controversial currency move

Decision could jeopardise China's chances of seeing the yuan become a global reserve currency.


No moral high ground for Berlin or Athens

Economies already decimated by austerity are being asked to take more painful actions.


Saudi Arabia: Money solves everything

Ghassan Chehayeb, the founder of Sancta Capital, speaks to Abid Ali about King Abdullah's economic legacy.


Rouble collapse will be felt globally

Russia's central bank failed to kick start the economy, and Russia's people will pay a heavy price.


Facebook post behind Airbus' $5bn nosedive

European plane maker's value drops by $5b after losing customer orders due to production delays and construction issues.


Solution to Cyprus crisis is under the sea

Off the island's shores lies what looks like 60 trillion cubic feet of gas, which could mean the end of its troubles.

Business & Economy

I’m flying on the Dreamliner, again.

Spate of recent problems has raised safety concerns about the Dreamliner and cast as shadow on Boeing’s reputation.


Airbus parent EADS and BAE in merger talks

Based on 2011 numbers, combined company would have sales of an estimated $92bn and as many as 220,000 employees.

Business & Economy

Spain and Greece may head for euro exit

If German court insists that country’s liability needs to be limited to 190bn euros, then something needs to give.

Middle East

Saudis may not have oil to export by 2030

A report by Citigroup says Gulf kingdom consumes a lot of its own major export and may have no oil exports in 18 years.