Abby Seiff

Poverty & Development

Nepal: Economic migrants spark unlikely shifts in power

No country in the world is more reliant on remittances than Nepal, where it makes up 32 percent of the GDP.


Khmer Rouge's 'first lady' Ieng Thirith dies

Accused of genocide in Cambodia, senior Khmer Rouge regime member dies at 83 in one of group's last strongholds.


Thailand to 'teach journalists how to ask questions'

About 200 local and foreign reporters to be summoned to meeting, reportedly to ensure questions do not upset officials.


One year of Thai military rule passes with a whisper

A year after the military seized power in a bloodless coup, critics appear to have been effectively silenced.

US & Canada

Notorious Thai police and tourist shakedowns

Reported police checkpoints in Bangkok that appear to target foreigners have some fearing a tourist exodus.

Human Rights

Beach murders put spotlight on Thai junta

Thai investigation into British tourist murders criticised as inadequate with some suggesting a cover-up.

Human Rights

Khmer Rouge faces genocide charges

The Khmer Rouge tribunal is set to hear genocide charges for targeting ethnic Vietnamese and Cham Muslims.


Cambodia's deadlock ends but questions linger

Part of the joint accord aimed at ending the political impasse establishes an independent National Election Commission.

Asia Pacific

Cambodia's vanishing workforce

Facing a shortage of employment opportunities, Cambodians flock to Thailand for jobs and the lure of money.


Cambodia's migrants face an uncertain future

Thousands of Cambodian labourers have fled Thailand, fearing a 'crackdown' denied by Thai authorities.


Cambodia: Australia's refugee dumping ground?

Critics accuse Australia of breaching international law as it mulls sending asylum seekers to impoverished country.


Cambodia strike faces deadly crackdown

Garment workers making clothes for export have been killed by security forces as they protested for higher wages.