Abbas Nasir

Abbas Nasir is a former editor of Pakistan's English language newspaper Dawn, former executive editor at BBC Asia Pacific Region, BBC World Service.


Tragedies that expose Pakistan's faultlines

As polarisation deepens in Pakistan, national tragedies attract both cheers and mourning.

Business & Economy

Economics defines India-Pakistan rapprochement

Since the Mumbai attacks in 2008 several attempts to restart the stalled process have come to naught.


Hopes for a new dawn in Balochistan

Hundreds have died during the decade-long insurgency in Balochistan. Yet peace talks may now be on the horizon.

War & Conflict

The legacy of Pakistan's loved and loathed Hamid Gul

Pakistan's late jihadist spy master garnered mixed sentiments with his expansionist politics.


The good and bad Taliban

After the deaths of Mullah Omar and Malik Ishaq, new questions arise about the Taliban talks.