Tim MacGabhann

Syria's Civil War

Syrian students find new home at Mexico university

Mexican NGO Habesha is bringing promising students to earn college degrees and helping them rebuild their lives.


Meet the man cleaning up after Mexico's murders

As Mexico's only government-certified forensic cleaner, it is Donovan Tavera's job to clean up the worst crime scenes.


The deadly job of journalism in Mexico

Mexican journalists face down threats in 'one of the world's most dangerous places to be a reporter'.

Human Rights

Cuba: Remembering founder of Ladies in White movement

Daughter and life partner of human rights movement leader Laura Pollan explain why they are keeping her ideals alive.

US Elections 2016

Mexicans take a swing at Donald Trump pinatas

Mexicans respond to the Republican presidential candidate's comments about them in a distinctly Mexican way.


Mexico's 'lost generation' of drug addicts

At a clinic in Michoacan, drug addicts as young as four receive therapy, counselling and skills training.


Running for their lives: Mexico's teenage Raramuri

The story of one man using sport to inspire an indigenous Mexican community - and the protege he hopes will make it.

Human Rights

Pope to visit femicide-stricken city of Ecatepec

The family of a missing woman hopes the Pontiff addresses the alarming number of murdered women in the city.

International Women's Day

Rapper's lyrical fight for Mexican women's rights

An indigenous Zapotec, Mare's hip-hop songs speak to many women as they continue to endure rampant violence in Mexico.