One Iraqi father's search for his son

An Iraqi ex-intelligence officer turned refugee tries to find his missing son.

| podcast, audio, Refugee Crisis, Middle East

It's been two years since Jamal's youngest son vanished without a trace.

Equipped with the skills he gained from former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein's secret service, Jamal is reconstructing his son's last known steps, taken during the height of the refugee crisis, when his boat sank into the Aegean Sea.

We join Jamal on his search for Bakeer. The journey takes him from Turkey to Greece, but key information is shrouded in bureaucracy and ambiguity.

Further complicating his efforts, Jamal has been granted asylum status in Romania and is now able to reunite with his family. But they are conflicted: Do they travel to Europe for a better life - and essentially abandon their search efforts - or do they stay in Turkey in the hope that Bakeer may one day come back?

On this episode of The Debrief: Horia El Hadad, Al Jazeera producer and filmmaker, who documented Jamal's journeys. The host is Laurentiu Colintineanu. Follow them on Twitter: @horiaelhadad and @colintineanu.

WATCH: When time stopped at sea - full documentary

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